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Desmond Doss Council

 Desmond Doss Council

What is the Desmond Doss Council?

Nearly two decades ago, the Desmond Doss Council was established under the direction of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference Association (GCA) to handle a specific request made by Desmond T. Doss. His desire was for a film about his life story, one that would be a positive influence on the youth of his Church and the public at large. The request included granting the GCA all of his story rights. At his request a group of trusted volunteers—individuals closely associated with him, the Church and the Armed Services—were asked to create the Desmond Doss Council to guide this project.

Mission Statement: Preserve, protect and manage the life story of Desmond T. Doss and his intellectual properties, collections, and memorabilia in a manner that honors his legacy, his beliefs, his church and his God.

Chartered: 2000

Operational Authority: Georgia Cumberland Association of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc
P.O. Box 12000, Calhoun, GA 30701

Members of the Desmond Doss Council (2017)


L-R: Tammy Fisher, Communications; Kurt Allen, Treasurer; Mitch Hazecamp, GCA Director; Les Speer, Trust Officer; Charles Knapp, Military Affairs & Chairman; Desmond Doss Statue; Ed Wright, GCC President; Ken Mittleider, Development; John Swafford, Youth Legacy; Barry Benton, Attorney & Vice Chair; Les Rilea, Chaplaincy Affairs. Absent: Gabe Videla, Hollywood Representative. (

Hollywood Representative: Gabe Videla, D'Artangnan Entertainment, Inc.

Legal Council: Luke Anderson, Atlanta Technology Law, PA

Archives: Georgia Cumberland Association, Calhoun, GA.
University of Virginia, Herndon Collection, Archival Library, Charlottesville, VA
Andrews University, Doss Collection, Archival Library, James White Library, Berrien Springs, MI.
Loma Linda California, Doss Collection, Heritage Room, Del Web Library, Loma Linda, CA.