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Desmond Doss

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TV Show - This Is Your Life - Desmond Doss's guest appearance

A DVD copy of the program was made from a 16mm film copy in the LLU archives. The 16mm film was given to Doss after the 1959 program aired. The film was deteriorating rapidly so it was copied to DVD to preserve it. The Doss Council did not post it to YouTube. [Click here to see the video on YouTube]

The History Behind Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge

Spectrum Magazine

Retired U.S. Army colonel Charles Knapp, chair of the Desmond Doss Council, talked to Spectrum about how the movie got made. He explained the stringent agreement Mel Gibson and the producers signed up to, promising to stick to the facts of Desmond Doss's life and describe his faith accurately.

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Hacksaw Ridge: 10 Years in the Making

Creative Screenwriting

Creative Screenwriting spoke to Schenkkan about why Hacksaw Ridge took ten years to realize and is "unlike any other war story you have ever seen in your life."

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Shared with permission from Creative Screenwriting Magazine. This article is an excerpt from a longer interview with Robert Schenkkan: Chopping in High Cotton: Robert Schenkkan on All the Way and Hacksaw Ridge.

Desmond Doss Memorial Four Bridges Marathon

Desmond Doss Race

Run in Chattanooga, TN, on October 16 at 7:30 am, the race has been renamed The Desmond Doss Memorial 4 Bridges Half Marathon. The course roughly parallels the 7 Bridges Full Marathon course until approximately mile 10, where it will turn onto the riverwalk to complete the last section of the Full Marathon course; the course starts and finishes in Coolidge Park.


Desmond Doss Four Bridges Half Marathon [link]

Press Release announcing the newly named Half Marathon: [link]

'Hacksaw Ridge' Talking Points: A Guide for Church Members

Desmond Doss Jr.
Desmond Doss with his Medal of Honor, the highest U.S. military honor. (Desmond Doss Council)

Ways to reply to questions about Desmond Doss and the Adventist Church.

9-27-16 | By North American Division staff, Adventist Review

Hacksaw Ridge," a film about Desmond Doss' extraordinary faith and service during World War II, is not a Seventh-day Adventist movie.

But it is likely to thrust Adventism into the spotlight worldwide.

Below are some talking points, presented in the form of Q&A, that may help church members be prepared for questions about Doss and the Adventist Church. Members may also choose to direct people to the helpful website ... [Click here to see the article on the original website]

'He was just my dad'

Desmond Doss Jr.
Photo Credt: Chinook Observer

Chinook Observer: 9-20-16 | By DAVID PLECHL

ILWACO — Desmond Doss Jr. has led a very interesting life. He learned to drive on a tractor, but once talked a naval crew into letting him pilot a nuclear submarine — "It was like steering the Empire State Building." Another time, he unwittingly drove off with the Dali Lama from an airport in Maui — "I'm shooting the breeze with this guy, and I don't know a Dali Lama from a regular llama." Then there was that unforgettable day when his calm presence at the scene of a car accident likely saved the life of a severely-injured woman — "She thought an angel had spoken to her, and so she hung on," Doss said.

Now, Mel Gibson has directed "Hacksaw Ridge," a film about his late father, Desmond T. Doss, a devoutly religious conscientious objector who won the Congressional Medal of Honor without ever picking up a firearm in World War II [More]
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Shared with permission from the Chinook Observer.

"Hacksaw Ridge," New Film on Desmond Doss, Offers Adventists Unique Opportunity

Desmond Doss

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists® : 9-20-16 | By: John Bradshaw

Generations of Seventh-day Adventists in North America have grown up with stories of the exploits of Private First Class, Desmond Doss. His heroic actions on the island of Okinawa in the bloodiest battle of World War II were shared with Adventist youth at summer camps and in Pathfinder meetings for decades. Doss himself would teach groups of boys and girls the bowline knot that he used to lower 75 injured soldiers to safety, an act that awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military award in the United States.

In November this incredible story, told in "Hacksaw Ridge," will appear on more than 3,000 movie screens around North America, and eventually in every major media market of the world. What was once an "Adventist" story will be known to people of many cultures and faith traditions. [More]
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Shared with permission from the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church