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Miracle on Hacksaw Ridge

This authoritative and fast-moving documentary takes the viewer to the battlefields of Guam, Leyte (Philippines), and Okinawa. The viewer gains perspective on the intensity of the battle environment that Desmond Doss experienced. For his selfless and courageous service in these three battles, Doss was awarded two Bronze Stars, Three Purple Hearts, and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

- The Desmond Doss Story - It Is Written Oceania with Gary Kent [View Video]

"The Faith of Desmond Doss"

by Fred Knopper

[YouTube] From the Community Adventist Fellowship in Pasadena, CA, USA

Desmond Doss Legacy Packs Hudson Society

Dr. Charles Knapp, Special Consultant for Hacksaw Ridge, highlights the impact and legacy of Desmond Doss.

Special Consultant Shares at Hudson Historical Society Event

Although the venue was filled to capacity, people lined up at the Hudson Library & Historical Society event to hear Dr. Charles Knapp on October 16, 2017 in Hudson, Ohio. He enlightened a packed house of approximately 180 people about the legacy of Desmond Doss, the hero of the highly acclaimed movie Hacksaw Ridge.

Knapp captivated the audience as well as educated them, and most importantly, honored his friend by spreading the word of Mr. Doss' legacy. Attendees, some who had seen the movie and some who had not, appreciated hearing the history of this American hero from one who had known him and had seen the development of the movie as well as the commitment Desmond Doss had for future generations in his later years. [Read More]


Running For Her Life

Misty Meadows School (pictured) Shirley Zanes (front row, second from right),
Angelina Mincey, FT Paraprofessional (front row, first from left) and students.


Some might say Shirley is an unlikely runner in the upcoming race, but those that know her understand its significance.

By Jeanie Allen

Shirley Zanes, one of our marathon contest winners, is set to run the Desmond Doss Memorial 4 Bridges Half Marathon Sunday morning. Until two weeks ago, running a race or marathon was a distant goal.

Zanes was diagnosed with lupus in 2000-2001 and had become steadily more dependent on medications. Having grown up with a father who was a pharmaceutical rep, she bought into pills being a cure-all.

June 2016 was a turning point. Zanes realized if she didn't make drastic changes in her life, she might die. Inspired by her husband who began working with a personal trainer, she decided to give exercise and nutrition a try. [Read More]


The F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Desmond T. Doss

Click here for a page dedicated to answering the most common inquiries about desmond Doss and Hacksaw Ridge, the movie.


NAD Communication Director Dan Weber Interviews Colonel Charles Knapp on Desmond Doss, "Hacksaw Ridge" from NAD Adventist on Vimeo.

Mountains Speak To Me

Pvt. Michael Sales
Pvt. Michael Sales

During the spring of 1965, I received orders and was shipped to the U.S. Army Hospital in Okinawa.

The Desmond Doss Effect

Just 20 years prior to my arrival on Okinawa, up to one third of the island's population had been killed in battles fought there during WWII, between Japan and the United States. Okinawans generally blamed the American military for these deaths and had deep disdain for Americans, especially the military.

However, in the Adventist environment, relations between Okinawans and Americans were very different. I attribute much of this to what I call the "Desmond Doss Effect." [Read More]


Hacksaw Ridge

John Bradshaw

By: John Bradshaw | Speaker, Director: It Is Written|

More than seventy years ago an unlikely hero saved the lives of dozens of American soldiers in the midst of a hail of enemy gunfire during one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Now his story has exploded onto movie screens all over the world. [Read More]

Ted Wilson
Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson - The story of Desmond Thomas Doss

Published on Apr 29, 2012
Ted Wilson - The story of Desmond Thomas Doss - [View Video]